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Hands Free Segway – Best hoverboard & self-balancing scooter reviews of 2016

Best hands free segway reviews available

The demand for hoverboards keeps on growing and we are sure it’s only going to get bigger. It was the #1 Christmas gift of 2015 and it probably won’t come as a surprise that it is also one of the most sought of Christmas presents for the year 2016.  Therefore we have reviewed the most competent self-balanced scooters on the U.S market to crown who wins the title for “Best hoverboard award”. Take it from somebody who knows, we’ve been the number one supplier in Sweden more than a year.

This new device has many names such as self-balancing board/scooter, hoverboard, mini segway & 2 wheel self balancing scooter these are just to name a few.

Because of its high demand many manufacturers rush their models not only giving us bad quality but making them seriously dangerous. There has been a few injuries and safety hazards in the past. Not every injury has been that serious but many could have been avoided if chosen another model or brand.

We know hoverboards
We here at Hands Free Segway know the hoverboard inside and out, we don’t only do this in the U.S, in fact we are the #1 supplier of hoverboards back in Sweden with our store Airboard Sverige and our brand Airslide. (Airboard is the name the Swedes given this eco friendly transportation device). With that knowledge you can rest assure that even though our English might not be flawless, we have passion and love for the product and we want you to enjoy a stable, safe and enjoyable ride.


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Finding the best hoverboard on the market

The market has had its ups and downs the past year but we can finally see that its starting to settle. At last we feel that there are some brands that will be staying for the unforeseeable future and our work here is getting a lot easier. Sometimes just over night there could be a bunch of new devices. Therefore we needed to work fast and sort out the bad ones form the good ones to be able to find the most reliable, safe and of course fastest hoverboard.

Luckily the more we’ve reviewed these hoverboards the better we became finding the ones that actually deserve a review. A review takes us around 5 hours to commit. Then we have to sort through all the data, make it contextual and setup a review. You can rest assure that when you read our hoverboard reviews, we have actually been testing all these devices out for ourselves. We are no average Joe’s at this and we’ve been in this business for over a year now.

Hands free segway how it works

This is why we at hands free segway felt the need to review these devices in order to find the best self-balancing scooter for you, but not only the best. The best and safest hoverboard available on the market. We did this not only to give you good guidance in choosing a product that fits your needs. But also to highlight the danger of buying fake/low quality scooter models/brands or not taking the proper precautions before riding one.

We have made an extensive search in order to provide you with the best information so that you might find the best hands free scooter for you. There are a lot of good scooters out there and they all fit different needs and personal taste.



Fastest hoverboard on the marketSo what is the best self-balancing scooter?

What is the best hoverboard for you is the question. This is something only you can decide. But we have made some great guides and reviews to help you find a scooter that fits your needs. If you are looking for the best of the best you should check out our top ranked hoverboard reviews. The Razor hovertrax hoverboard is the ultimate selection for a fast, safe and reliable hoverboard yet at an affordable price. At top speeds of 10 mph and a driving distance of 12 miles it beats the other scooters with ease. If you want a top of the line hoverboard, then the Hovertrax should be your first choice.

Another good thing about the Hovertrax is that Razor who manufactures them are a reliable US brand which has been active within the category for years producing high quality products and excellent customer experience. If you’d like to know more about the hovertrax you should Read the full review.

But it has a competitor

The Goboard that had been our number #2 recommended scooter dropped due to the price being so high and it didn’t stand a chance against the new Hovertech. What followed was that due to the big price drop of the Hovertech, and the Goboard staying at the same price it got bumped all the way down to third place. The features of the GoBoard and the device itself is still a solid choice, but we do not think that it is worth double the price tag of the Hovertech. Or for it to be only a few dollars cheaper than the Spaceboard. The Hovertech is almost half as cheap and has the same spec’s as the GoBoard. It comes with a 1 year warranty and is shipped from within the US just like the GoBoard and it has the same battery. But the most important thing for us adrenalin junkies are: Is it as fast as the GoBoard? Yes it is, it peaks at 12 mph and with a max distance of 11 miles there is no doubt the Hovertech is the second best hoverboard segway. You might not get a cool wireless remote with a few extra features, but you save yourself a lot of money and you get 1 extra year of warranty. Choosing one of these two was hard in the beginning but now when the price has been lowered and considering the GoBoard’s price still being stable. This was an easy choice for us to make and the Hovertech is now our best budget choice and second fastest/best hoverboard.

We want our readers to get as much Hoverboard as they can and this device is a BARGAIN if you are looking for a great hands free segway!


Where can i buy a hoverboard?

A fair question that many people looking to buy a hoverboard. There are many markets to turn to and none of them are much better than the other. The number 1 place at the moment if you’re looking to get your hands on a hoverboard is Amazon. They have by far the most number of devices at this point. So if you are asking yourself where you should buy your hoverboard. We recommend Amazon due to them not taking lightly on safety, safe purchase and warranty. You can even buy an extended warranty on the side that covers a lot of different scenarios. For more information check out the Square-trade scooter warranty side buy.

Hands free scooter

Do all scooter-brands have the same quality and manufacturer?

Many people say that all the hands free scooters come from the same manufacturer. Although I won’t argue that most of them them do, there are a few that have their own manufacturers. Take GoBoard for example, it is a recognized, well established brand here in the US. They have a totally different manufacturer compared to most of the other handsfree Segway’s. It has far superior quality, enhanced components and features that you won’t find on any other device. You can adjust the max speed and the user-level with the press of a button on your wireless remote control.

So these stories about every scooter coming from the same manufacturer is nothing but a lie. They might not be to easy to find, but well that is probably one of the reasons why you are here.


Can I get a cheap hands free Segway for under 200$?

Yes, you can actually get these devices for around 200$. You can get the Shareconn, this is the cheapest hoverboard segway  that comes with great quality and it can be yours for around 245.99$. This is the bang for the buck unit and it has a top speed of over 12 mph and a distance of 13 miles with a fast recharging battery. A full recharge takes only 1-2 hours and then you’re up and running again!



How much is a hoverboard actually?

You might have seen celebrities and other famous people use these self-balancing devices both in real life, but also on TV. There are brands like Leray, HoverBoost, IO Hawk, Phunkee and a lot more. You might think these are all rebrands trying to figure out how much they can charge customers. This isn’t the case, there are a few extra features with these different brands that made them worth a few extra dollars. But they are not worth over 500-1000$ more than a regular device. In fact there are some with more and better features that doesn’t cost anyway near 1000$. We have reviewed one of the fastest hoverboards available and it costs around 300$. So we can assure you that there is no need to pay over 1000$ to get the best self-balancing scooter.


We do extensive testing in order to assure you that all the hoverboards on this site are safe, easy and FUN to ride. There has been no faulty errors down the line and we do not only test them ourselves. We read and watch hours of video/text in order to find all these small errors that might occur and how the customer service of each brand handles these problems and queries. Every stone has to be turned and if there is a problem somewhere we are sure to find them in other customers reviews and videos. Then we compile these things into our own review just to give you a heads up if there has been any problems with the device you are looking at. We can’t stand the thought of recommending products out of price as many others do, only to earn the most out of every visitor.

We hope that you will find a hands free segway that fulfills all your needs and more. If you buy a hands free scooter don’t forget to come back to us and review it to tell us your thoughts on it.


Disclaimer: This video is a test of our own Hoverboard Airslide which is only available for purchase within Europe as of today.

*For clarity, Segway inc. is a totally different company and they have no relation to the scooters shown on this website. The only thing they have in common is that they move the same way. If you want to buy one of their Segway. You will have to go to their website. You will not find any on here.

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