GoBoard Self-balancing scooter review(USA brand)

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    GoBoard Self-balancing scooter review(USA brand)
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    GoBoard Self-balancing scooter review(USA brand)
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    GoBoard Self-balancing scooter review(USA brand)
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    GoBoard Self-balancing scooter review(USA brand)
7.5 Total Score

The GoBoard is a must have for the advanced self-balancing scooter expert. It comes packed with features and it fits the whole family. Set it up in normal mode and let the kids have it for a while. Put it in Hyper Mode and dad/mom has an amazing new toy to play with. The GoBoard self-balancing board is our BANG FOR THE BUCK and our NR #1 best self-balancing scooter! You get everything you can wish for in a new balancing scooter and it will give you hours of fun with every charge. Because of its features the GoBoard fits everyone, old or young. The best self-balancing scooter for families that can be adjusted according to the rider needs or limitations.

Battery recharge
User Rating: 3.06 (29 votes)

Distance: 15-25 km(Depending on surface and weight of the user)

Speed: 12 MPH

Charge Time: 2 hours. (60 mins to an 80% charge)

Battery: Samsung 36V/4.4AH Lithium Ion Battery

Max Load: 220 lbs

Unit Weight: 26 lbs

Package contains: Charger, Wireless remote, User manual, Package box.


The Goboard isn’t an option anymore. They’ve been reported to not hold up their end of the warranty and we therefore do not recommend you to buy it.

This review of the GoBoard is outdated and we do not intend to update it due to GoBoard’s lack of support and warranty issues that has been reported to us with evidence.


We recommend that you check out the best hoverboard EpikGo which is far superior the GoBoard. Or if you’re in for a bargain you can actually get a great hoverboard for around 300$ like the hoverboard by Powerboard.


This is the KING of hoverboards. The fastest, safest and coolest self-balancing device, the only board you need.

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Safe hoverboards
  • Speed, Almost 20 km/hr. It is the fastest self-balancing scooter we’ve tested so far.
  • US Brand, High quality and reliable manufacturers with excellent service and fast shipping from within the USA. Don’t wait those 25-35 days for your Chinese board to arrive when you can get this fantastic piece for a fantastic price. You’ll receive this scooter in 10-15 days.
  • Features, Comes packed with features that you won’t find in any other scooter on the market.
  • Warranty, 30-days money back guarantee and a 1-year replacement warranty.

  • Price, A bit higher but you do get what you pay for here.
  • Speed, Speed could be a problem. Do not try the Hyper Drive until you feel completely comfortable riding at top speed in normal mode. The speed is a positive thing, if you treat it with caution. So do not leave your kids with the wireless remote, set it up yourself and let them ride it in normal mode.

This is why the GoBoard is one of best self-balancing scooters.

The GoBoard has lost its place as the #1 self-balancing scooter to Robotturbo hoverboard which has a greater speed of 15 mph and superior motion technology and battery capacity, this is just like the goboard a US brand. There is also a replica of the GoBoard, GalaxyBoard. It has everything the goboard has except the remote control. but its priced at half the price of a GoBoard.

The GoBoard self-balancing scooter is far more superior to many of the other scooters/hoverboards. It has more and better features than the basic rebranded self-balancing boards have. Some of these features are: remote control, hyper drive, flexi-drive.
Many other review sites and news sites will tell you that all the self-balancing / hover boards come from the same manufacturer and are basically identical… THIS ISN’T TRUE. And we here att HFS knows that there is more than meet the eye with these. Just check out the Mortch.
GoBoards are made by a manufacturer that prides itself with superior quality scooters with better components and features than the other scooter brands.
It comes with a wireless remote control so that you can easily switch the board on or off. You can adjust the riding modes with the touch of a button. There is two modes, Beginner mode and hyper drive which is for the more advanced user. The GoBoard scooter also has another button called “Motor Flexibility” button. You can then choose between two different setups. The Normal mode is best to start with while learning.  Flex Drive – You’ll get enhanced feel and better navigation through bumpy conditions. The scooter then adapts to the terrain and are more sensitive to your movement. This makes it a complete new adventure, it is much more sensitive to turns and speeding/breaking. If you are new you better have this setting off since it also gives higher speed and faster acceleration/response time. Which could lead to a beginner getting seriously injured if not used with caution. But when you start to get the hang of things you will definitely want to turn this baby on and become one with your GoBoard. It’s missing the music functions like some of the other hoverboards like the Eboard from Iroam.

Check out what customers say about the GoBoard on

The American brand hoverboard

The scooter has 2 led lights at both sides of the board. It is easily maneuvered and you get the hang of it really quick. It was one of our smoothest rides. Even though we tested it on a bumpy road the GoBoard scooter just kept going and we almost didn’t feel a thing. Bumpy roads can be devastating for most self-balancing scooters but not for this electric scooter. With the flexibility mode turned on the GoBoard scooter hovers over these obstacles.
This is an advanced piece of equipment and it has a top speed of 12 mph which is really fast. Most people won’t go over 18 mph and most scooters doesn’t even go faster than that. Only the most advanced daredevils and of course me the adrenaline junkie will go for the full 12 mph. We tested it and well let’s just say I did almost crap my pants the first time hitting that 12 mph top speed and I have ridden a lot of scooters/hoverboards in the past.


One of the more thrilling hoverboard rides I've had. The ability to go off-road is great but even great and something I've missed is how much you can personalize the experience with the app.

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Safe hoverboards

The off-road transportation hoverboard which will take you through the tough terrain with ease. Top speed of 12 mph and a distance of 12 miles total on a single charge. Recharge time of 1-2 hours leave you with less downtime and more beach riding!

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599.98$ 699.99$

Safe hoverboards

Highest quality with the ability to control it through your phone and all other fancy features that Segway implemented. Pricy but worth every penny.

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599.00$ 1299.00$

Safe hoverboards

A great hoverboard with all the safety issues sorted out. Reliable, moderate speed and distance makes the T1 far more superior than the T3 verison from the same brand, Swagtron.

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Safe hoverboards

The Swagtron T3 is a decent hoverboard but other than the new safety features there isn't much more to it in terms of performance. Not that it isn't a really smooth and fun ride. Just nothing ground breaking.

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Safe hoverboards

A great and valuable hoverboard with bluetooth and led lights. A great choice for those on a budget but want to join in on the hoverboard craze. Safe, priceworthy and impressive.


Safe hoverboards

A great hoverboard for the music lover. Nice speed, great distance and the lights really makes this one hell of a cool hoverboard to ride. Fast, fun and safe.

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Safe hoverboards

A great and mobile hoverboard that has great speed and distance. Air filled tires which gives great comfort, a more secure ride and a fun ride. You can drive this baby on a dirt track with ease!

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Safe hoverboards

The cheapest hoverboard witha top speed of 12.5 mph! A great battery with a 1-2 hours recharge time and a 13 miles distance. This is the cheapest fast hoverboard you can get and it is just as incredible as its price tag!


Safe hoverboards

A cheap hoverboard with a blazing 12 mph speed and an 11 miles distance this is a great bang for the buck deal! Get your hands on this high quality product as soon as possible!


Safe hoverboards
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