Leray electric hoverboard review

  • Leray electric two wheeled skateboard
    Leray electric hoverboard review
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    Leray electric hoverboard review
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    Leray electric hoverboard review
4.3 Total Score

The Leray electric skateboard 2 wheels is a fantastic electronic hoverboard with wheels. This is the perfect choice for kids and the older adults because of its light top speed of 6 mph which is more than enough for most kids/retires. It might not be for the adrenalin junkie but for that there are plenty of other smart balance scooters availabe. We read a review of a 72 year old man who bought a 2 wheeled leray skateboard just to challenge himself, had no problem at all. Within an hour he felt comfortable enough to take it from his living room and out to the streets. That is how easy this self-balancing scooter is to use and master. With that said this is a great choice if you are looking for a reliable electronic skateboard with two wheels for your children. This hoverboard with wheels would also fit a retiree like a glove would fit a hand.

Battery recharge
User Rating: 0.8 (1 votes)

Distance: 8-9 miles(Depending on surface and weight of the user)

Speed: 6 MPH

Charge Time: 30-60 minutes

Battery: LG Lithium 18650 (110wh)

Max Load: 200 lbs

Unit Weight: 26 lbs

Package contains: Charger, User manual, Package box.

Leray electric skateboard 2 wheels

Leray self-balancing hoverboard is a great scooter for children and older adults. Medium speed, fast recharge and special breaks

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Safe hoverboards

Breaks, The auto-break function on Leray electric two wheeled scooter is fantastic. When it has met top speed it starts to vibrate letting you know. Good warranty, is something we always tell you to look for in a  electric skateboard with 2 wheels. Battery, It might not have the best speed or distance but it makes up for it when it comes to recharging time.


Speed, We who are speed freaks would have appreciated a bit more. But for a kids scooter the speed is perfect. Distance, The distance isn’t great, but thanks to the good battery the recharge time makes up for the loss in distance.


Leray 2 wheel electric self-balancing scooter review

The Leray electric self-balancing scooter has been approved and are safe to use. There are no battery flaws or issues with their charger. Even though its a pretty basic hoverboard its an enjoyable ride.

The Leray electric 2 wheel self-balancing scooter is a great electric hoverboard for children and young adults. The speed of 6 mph which is standard for these scooters makes it the perfect electric hoverboard choice for children and young adults. Just remember that this is a lightweight self-balancing scooter and it can carry a total of 200 lbs. So for the average American adult male this is not the choice to go for.
The scooter has been received with open arms and are loved by many as you can read in their customers reviews on Amazon. This scooter surely gets the job done with ease. It is easy to maneuver and it took customers an average of 8-10 minutes to get the hang of things.
Both motors have purple or blue lights in front of them which makes it look cool. The lights fire up when you stand on the pads. If you turn the lights on that side starts blinking like it does on a car and stops when the turn is complete making it a perfect safe electric two wheeled skateboard for children.


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Our thoughts and recommendation

If you look at our review we came to the same conclusion that most of the previous buyers also came to. This is a perfect kids hoverboard, it fits an adult perfectly too. But due to its lack of speed it adults who feel the “need for speed” may want to check out our other reviews in our hoverboard section here.

One of the more thrilling hoverboard rides I've had. The ability to go off-road is great but even great and something I've missed is how much you can personalize the experience with the app.

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Safe hoverboards

The off-road transportation hoverboard which will take you through the tough terrain with ease. Top speed of 12 mph and a distance of 12 miles total on a single charge. Recharge time of 1-2 hours leave you with less downtime and more beach riding!

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599.98$ 699.99$

Safe hoverboards

Highest quality with the ability to control it through your phone and all other fancy features that Segway implemented. Pricy but worth every penny.

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599.00$ 1299.00$

Safe hoverboards

A great hoverboard with all the safety issues sorted out. Reliable, moderate speed and distance makes the T1 far more superior than the T3 verison from the same brand, Swagtron.

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Safe hoverboards

The Swagtron T3 is a decent hoverboard but other than the new safety features there isn't much more to it in terms of performance. Not that it isn't a really smooth and fun ride. Just nothing ground breaking.

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Safe hoverboards

A great and valuable hoverboard with bluetooth and led lights. A great choice for those on a budget but want to join in on the hoverboard craze. Safe, priceworthy and impressive.


Safe hoverboards

A great hoverboard for the music lover. Nice speed, great distance and the lights really makes this one hell of a cool hoverboard to ride. Fast, fun and safe.

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Safe hoverboards

A great and mobile hoverboard that has great speed and distance. Air filled tires which gives great comfort, a more secure ride and a fun ride. You can drive this baby on a dirt track with ease!

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Safe hoverboards

The cheapest hoverboard witha top speed of 12.5 mph! A great battery with a 1-2 hours recharge time and a 13 miles distance. This is the cheapest fast hoverboard you can get and it is just as incredible as its price tag!


Safe hoverboards

A cheap hoverboard with a blazing 12 mph speed and an 11 miles distance this is a great bang for the buck deal! Get your hands on this high quality product as soon as possible!


Safe hoverboards
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